Why I Love to Play Minecraft Online

Jul 02, 2015

Some people refer to the game of Minecraft as the game for geeks. Was thinking that it could be because they thought the game was hard to play that only the people who have enough brain power can play with it. As a gamer, I kind of like the impression, it gives me and the other gamers the edge that we can play the game while others can’t. But the truth is, Minecraft is an easy game, once you get to try it, it’s very addicting.

This game caters to different type of gamers who have different type of gaming that they wish to enjoy. Some like the challenge and adventure which they can have on survival and adventure mode. Some others would like to build their own masterpiece and not worry about anything else which is what the creative mode has to offer.

But if you like something different every now and then, you should also try different Minecraft servers online. These servers were created by different gamers who spent their time developing a world that has their own set of rules that you have to follow, but that’s not all there is. You get to play with other players as well, all of you could be in one server or in the same world, exploring, fighting and doing mini games as well, depending on what the host of the server has set up on their world.

There are instances that you have to fight other players in order to survive; it’s like having two teams in one game, so it could really be a lot of fun. On the other hand, there are also some Minecraft servers where in the all the players are against the environment or the world they’re playing at. It could be against the zombies, skeletons and creepers that come out in the night.

Whenever you are part of a server, you will also have access to their live chat feature which you can launch by just hitting the letter ‘T’ key. This feature is even greater if you are playing with your friends or family and not actually being together in one place. And speaking of which, you might actually want to make your own Minecraft server if you wish to have exclusive members. You can actually set your game mode to creative so that the people you know can actually help you build the place that you may want to open for public users in the future.

I really think that Minecraft is a very extraordinary gaming experience that is so versatile it caters to different moods of different people. There are so many features that could cater to your imagination and just with the right amount of time, you can create vast area of wonderful buildings and even games within a game, so cool is that? Geek or not, as long as you open your mind’s eye, you will be able to enjoy Minecraft as long as you don’t get tires smashing the cubes.