Silly Scammers, Tricks are for Kids

May 18, 2015

Even though the original scammers that hit our store were caught, it didn’t put an end to the other morons in the group trying to continue to pull one over on us. Last night I was alone in the store and had another scammer trying to pull one over on me. I honestly didn’t think anything of him when he was waiting in line even though he was from the same ethnic group as every single person pulling this scam has been in. It was busy, I was alone and juggling 2 other customers at the same time. When I was getting something for one of the customers he interrupted me to ask if we had any PS3’s – I told him we did and he said he’d take one. Of course right there is when the red flag went up – but I didn’t say anything to him. I finished what I was doing and was interrupted twice more by other customers while he nervously waited for me.

Having no more excuses and reasons to delay myself I headed to the back and grabbed a PS3. While I was ringing it up he asked if he could return it to any of my companies stores. I said he couldn’t return it for cash but if there was something wrong with it, we’d exchange it with the receipt. That was fine, I told him the amount and he handed me a credit card. I told him I had to do a voice authorization on the card and he was fine with that. It actually didn’t make him seem more nervous or annoyed or edgy – or anything really.

I went through the automated process and before I knew it I was being transferred to a live person. Of course that pretty much meant the card was fake. She verified all the information with me and then told me the card was fake and I had to keep it. So I told him and he kept asking why so I told her and she said that if he had any questions he had to call the bank, so I repeated this information. I gave him the number for the bank that was on the back of the card (which wasn’t the bank the card number actually belonged to) and he dialed them on his cell phone. The girl stayed on the phone with me the whole time he was in the store – which I was grateful for – and he only kept up the pretense of waiting for someone to answer at the bank for a few minutes. He asked for directions to the bank in our town, which I gave him. Then, with the cell phone still held to his ear he said he was going to go down there.

After he left the store I went to the window and watched what he did, still talking to the girl at whatever call center she was in. Of course he didn’t get into a car and head down to the bank at all – I never actually thought he was going to anyway. I watched him (phone still held to his ear mind you) walk across the parking lot to another store. So I had the card, he was gone and he didn’t get anything from us – yay me! Maybe now they know we won’t let them pull one over on us anymore they’ll stop bothering – somehow I doubt that.

I was told by the girl I was talking to that there was reward money for what I had done. Somehow I doubt I’ll ever see it, I’m sure the company will keep it. That really makes me angry – it’s not that I want to have the handout but it would have enabled me to do something nice for the rest of the staff, like a pizza night or a subway platter or something similar. Not to mention it was my ass on the line and it could have turned ugly had the guy wanted to get his card back from me.

I almost feel that if we don’t see that money I should just let the scammers buy whatever the fuck they want. After all, why should I care if they’re not going to care about me?