Sigil Games Online: The Future

Apr 14, 2015

I find myself walking away from an unmarked building in a fairly nice business sector of San Diego with a thought running through my mind: “Attitude. Sometimes, it’s simply all about attitude.” You can spot attitude a mile away. It’s an aura. A feeling. The certain knowledge, that no matter who you are, or what you do, you will be getting your ass kicked by carrier of said attitude.

Alright, I know you’re all confused now. Let me jump back a bit and explain. A long, long while back, Brad McQuaid sent me an email about an article I wrote. That turned into me having the odd email correspondence with Cindy Bowens, the amazing Community Relations Manager for Sigil Games Online. Well as it went, us guys (as you know) went to E3 and a few of the Sigil team did as well. That was general madness, and I’m not just talking a quiet hum drum of confusion, I’m talking full on, booze, people, and seething crowds kind of madness. I vaguely remember sending an email to Cindy sometime during the week, but suffice to say, we never met up.

Now seriously, I’ll admit it, this pissed me off. I mean how many of you would’ve liked to meet up with some Sigil people during E3? Exactly what I thought, it’s something that most gamers would love to do, maybe even kill to do… kill… errrr, forget I said that.

Either way, as unfortunate as it was, it seemed that my opportunity had passed. I mean that was it, after E3 everybody gets back to work. I’d blown it, right? Maybe not. After telling Cindy that I really wish I’d met up with them at E3, I was told that if I was ever in the San Diego area…

Yes, you heard right. I was being invited to go visit the Sigil development studio. Now I’ve got a philosophy I live by, and it’s never say ‘no’ to an opportunity. So I made a decision, and that decision was to make sure that before the summer was up, I would make a trip down to San Diego before the end of summer. (Train, plane or automobile, I didn’t care. Hell I’d buy a goat and head south, if that was my only means of transportation. Baaaaaa!).