Let’s Play Minecraft for Free

Apr 17, 2015

Minecraft is known to be one of the best games that you can ever download from the internet because of the amazing free roaming features that it has. Along with its capability to let you create various buildings, you will surely consider it a fascinating, captivating game. It’s known to have lots of players that are actively playing right now, and is also considered as one of the top games in computers and consoles nowadays. However, this is known to be premium game that you must purchase in order to fully experience what Minecraft has to offer. Fortunately, their developers, Mojang, allowed a few free versions to circulate, which in a way is like a freemium model.

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This free version of Minecraft is known to be a lifesaver for many gamers that wanted to play this back then and even now that there are many people that are starting to love the game. If you also want to experience this amazing single and multiplayer game where you can make buildings and take on a pixilated adventure, here are some ways for you to try it:

Search For a Website Offering the Game

One of the most simplest and basic ways to find Minecraft free is to search for it on Google, or a similar search engine. Some sites like minecraftforfreex.com offer the full version of the game, but you won’t get to play on the latest versions. Simply allow Java on your browser, grant the site permissions to download it to your computer automatically, and begin playing.

Visit Gaming Forums

There are some forums that are dedicated for gamers so that they can talk a lot of things about various games, and even tips and tricks that you can do in the game. Not just that, some members are even generous enough to provide various download links that you can use for you to play Minecraft. There are typically lots of members in the gaming forums that know Minecraft very well, and will even help you by sharing a free version of the game.

Download Torrent Files

This is guaranteed to be the best way for you to try Minecraft free because this is an uninterruptible type of download compared to direct downloads that will give you no way but to restart the download once that it fails or if you lose the internet connection. This is also known to be fast in terms of transferring files straight to your computer, because you are downloading from multiple sources, or peers. Please be advised that there are some crooks that might love to steal information from you by giving you fake downloads with viruses. So make sure that you check the reviews of the file to identify the right uploader for your own safety.

Ask a Friend

There might be someone that you know well that’s able to play Minecraft for free in their computers, and this can be a good way for you to get your file in an instant. If they want to play Minecraft with you, for sure they will lend you their installer in order for you to be able to play the game. Rest assured that the free versions of the game are known to also have their own free servers that you can try out for a customized adventure with more players that you can encounter and talk to. This is a very nice game with a simple community, but has lots of fun when it comes to game play. So be sure to grab your free version of the game before another new version comes out!