VR Sports Baseball

Sumptuous graphics and unbelievable player animations are just a few of the reasons we're looking forward to getting our hands on a copy of VR Sports Baseball.

Interplay Productions' newest line of sports titles - the VR series -is coming out of the dugout this holiday season. Their first title, VR Sports Baseball, steps up to the plate - and it looks like this one's going out of the park!

While it's primary appeal will be to the action-oriented crowd, this computerized version of America's favorite pastime has a little something for everyone - in-depth statistical data, bigname rosters,

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Coroners in Space!

Incident at Roswell's best feature is the inclusion of plenty of that autopsy footage. showing the autopsy of an alleged alien being. And some of it's pretty graphic stuff...

"Alien Autopsy" footage is the star of Incident at Roswell.

Something happened near Roswell, New Mexico, during the summer of 1947; many say an alien spacecraft crashed, and that the government recovered both the craft and the bodies of its inhabitants. Even the U.S. Air Force admitted to haying recovered a flying saucer - at first, anyway. Very quickly they recanted the story, though, saying that it was really just a downed

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Shake Up Your Mind by Playing Scary Maze Game

There are a lot of videogames nowadays that are really fun and exciting, especially when it gets the adrenaline going. Various games are widely available and are easily accessible to download, especially popular ones that get pirated. If not played too much, games can offer a good way to relax and allow the mind to unwind. One of the best videogames you can play, or be a part of a prank of, is the Scary Maze Game, which is not only exciting but will shock your unsuspecting friends! This scary maze game is a win-win kind of videogame, as there is no violence either.

Benefits of Playing Scary

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Why I Love to Play Minecraft Online

Some people refer to the game of Minecraft as the game for geeks. Was thinking that it could be because they thought the game was hard to play that only the people who have enough brain power can play with it. As a gamer, I kind of like the impression, it gives me and the other gamers the edge that we can play the game while others can’t. But the truth is, Minecraft is an easy game, once you get to try it, it’s very addicting.

This game caters to different type of gamers who have different type of gaming that they wish to enjoy. Some like the challenge and adventure which they can have on s

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Fight Club at E3 in 2004

Fight Club, a new fighter from the developers of the poorly received Tao Feng, is looking like quite an interesting game. I had heard of it, but since fighting games are not normally part of my milieu, I hadn’t really looked into it. While making my way through the crowd clogging the Xbox area, I came face to face with a BenQ screen showing Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in all of their fight club glory; broken teeth, shattered noses and orbits, and large, colorful contusions. As anyone who has seen Tao Feng can attest to, the character models are a good way beyond your standard 3D fighter. The

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Let’s Play Minecraft for Free

Minecraft is known to be one of the best games that you can ever download from the internet because of the amazing free roaming features that it has. Along with its capability to let you create various buildings, you will surely consider it a fascinating, captivating game. It’s known to have lots of players that are actively playing right now, and is also considered as one of the top games in computers and consoles nowadays. However, this is known to be premium game that you must purchase in order to fully experience what Minecraft has to offer. Fortunately, their developers, Mojang, allowed

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Sigil Games Online: The Future

I find myself walking away from an unmarked building in a fairly nice business sector of San Diego with a thought running through my mind: “Attitude. Sometimes, it’s simply all about attitude.” You can spot attitude a mile away. It’s an aura. A feeling. The certain knowledge, that no matter who you are, or what you do, you will be getting your ass kicked by carrier of said attitude.

Alright, I know you’re all confused now. Let me jump back a bit and explain. A long, long while back, Brad McQuaid sent me an email about an article I wrote. That turned into me having the odd email correspondence

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Old-School Counter Strike

Counter Strike has been one of the most successful online first person shooters ever. . Not only has it been a runaway hit for over 6 years, but it has changed the face of multiplayer FPS. Traditionally, first person shooters only relied upon death match style multiplayer games. Where the strategy in death match games only went as far as getting as many kills as possible, while trying to avoid you own demise. While there was some variation such as capture the flag and team DM games, the replayability just wasn’t there. This was mainly attributed to the fact that the game could only go a couple

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C’thun Down

So uh, they fixed the C’thun encounter during the US downtime when the EU guilds still had a cleared instance. That was amazingly brilliant timing by them! Anyways, C’thun down. Screenshots etc.

C’Thun died at ~22:30 CET – Tuesday 25-04-2006

By the hand of Nihilum, a Horde guild from Magtheridon Europe, the God C’Thun, main boss of Ahn’Quiraj was slayed.


Unbelievably crazy, but check this out.

Ragnaros was first killed a Year ago to the day that C’thun was first killed.
Kill Order

Nihilum (Horde)
Magtheridon Europe
C’Thun died at ~22:30 CET – Tuesday 25-04-2006

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C’thun Loot

This is a supposed version of the C’thun Loot table. I would assume someone went through all the drops that have been decided to be from AQ and just subtracted out all of the ones that have already been found from other bosses and came up with this.

And on the other side: This means that we will see Ashbringer in 1.11

I think there will be a legendary drop in Naxrammas für Paladins, Warriors and Hunters, that will lead to a quest line involving Nat Pagle, Nefarian, Timolain’s Phylactery and the other things and guys.

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