VR Sports Baseball

Sumptuous graphics and unbelievable player animations are just a few of the reasons we're looking forward to getting our hands on a copy of VR Sports Baseball.

Interplay Productions' newest line of sports titles - the VR series -is coming out of the dugout this holiday season. Their first title, VR Sports Baseball, steps up to the plate - and it looks like this one's going out of the park!

While it's primary appeal will be to the action-oriented crowd, this computerized version of America's favorite pastime has a little something for everyone - in-depth statistical data, bigname rosters, realistic graphics, and fast baseball action.

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Coroners in Space!

Incident at Roswell's best feature is the inclusion of plenty of that autopsy footage. showing the autopsy of an alleged alien being. And some of it's pretty graphic stuff...

"Alien Autopsy" footage is the star of Incident at Roswell.

Something happened near Roswell, New Mexico, during the summer of 1947; many say an alien spacecraft crashed, and that the government recovered both the craft and the bodies of its inhabitants. Even the U.S. Air Force admitted to haying recovered a flying saucer - at first, anyway. Very quickly they recanted the story, though, saying that it was really just a downed weather balloon...

The Roswell debate has been one of the hottest topics in the short history of ufology, and it got even hotter last year when more than an hour of 16mm film footage suddenly appeared, reportedly shot by a military cameraman during the autopsy of one of aliens recovered from the Roswell crash. The authenticity of the footage remains questionable even among those who believe in the existence of UFOs, but that hasn't stopped the film from becoming a much sought-after commodity. It has been used as the core of television programs all around the world, including a recent special on the Fox network.

The autopsy footage makes its latest appearance in Incident at Roswell, a multimedia repackaging of Britain's Channel Four television special, released by U.K. publisher OmniMedia. This CD-ROM presents a pretty good overview of the Roswell incident, including its history, eyewitness reports, and the eventual appearance of the autopsy footage. There's plenty of time given to skeptics, too, presenting a fairly even-handed appraisal of the incident.

The front end of Incident at Roswell breaks the original Channel Four program down by categories; clicking on any of the categories runs the corresponding video.

But the star of this disc is definitely the autopsy footage itself, and Incident at Roswell does show more of it - and certainly more graphic portions - than were seen in the Fox TV special.

Unfortunately, though, Incident at Roswell is pretty light on true multimedia. The product's entire content is made up of video clips, and no attempt was made at bringing new information - text files, perhaps, or additional photographic evidence

- to the content of the original Channel Four TV program. Still, considering the revival of interest in the happenings at Roswell, Incident at Roswellis bound to be snatched up by those looking for more information on the mystery.

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Shake Up Your Mind by Playing Scary Maze Game

There are a lot of videogames nowadays that are really fun and exciting, especially when it gets the adrenaline going. Various games are widely available and are easily accessible to download, especially popular ones that get pirated. If not played too much, games can offer a good way to relax and allow the mind to unwind. One of the best videogames you can play, or be a part of a prank of, is the Scary Maze Game, which is not only exciting but will shock your unsuspecting friends! This scary maze game is a win-win kind of videogame, as there is no violence either.

Benefits of Playing Scary Games

  • Improves Problem Solving Skills

Videogames are made not solely for entertainment but also for developing some of your abilities. One of the skills that are developed when playing such games includes your problem-solving skills. Since the game we are talking about here are the scary maze games, you will surely improve your analytical skills as you try to get out of the labyrinth you are in. Thinking of the ways to get out of the maze will surely enhance you mental ability in solving these kinds of problems.

  • Develops Strategic Skills

In playing games like this, you do not simply play and get out of the maze; you also plan strategies to defeat or avoid obstacles and certain death. You create a plan to help you fight the monsters, ghosts, and etc. to avoid the scary part of the game. With constant planning during these games you will be able to develop the speed and the quality of your strategic skills.

  • Improves Well-being as a Whole

This kind of game is interactive and so they will not only develop your mental ability and eye-hand coordination, but it also helps you maintain your well-being. It has been proven that playing videogames really helps a lot in relaxing and reduces stress. Playing such games is a good training for you on how to play and how to deal with your problems in real-life. Obstacles in this scary maze game become representations of the various life obstacles. So, if you are capable of completing the maze games, you will surely be able to succeed in life also!

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Why I Love to Play Minecraft Online

Some people refer to the game of Minecraft as the game for geeks. Was thinking that it could be because they thought the game was hard to play that only the people who have enough brain power can play with it. As a gamer, I kind of like the impression, it gives me and the other gamers the edge that we can play the game while others can’t. But the truth is, Minecraft is an easy game, once you get to try it, it’s very addicting.

This game caters to different type of gamers who have different type of gaming that they wish to enjoy. Some like the challenge and adventure which they can have on survival and adventure mode. Some others would like to build their own masterpiece and not worry about anything else which is what the creative mode has to offer.

But if you like something different every now and then, you should also try different Minecraft servers online. These servers were created by different gamers who spent their time developing a world that has their own set of rules that you have to follow, but that’s not all there is. You get to play with other players as well, all of you could be in one server or in the same world, exploring, fighting and doing mini games as well, depending on what the host of the server has set up on their world.

There are instances that you have to fight other players in order to survive; it’s like having two teams in one game, so it could really be a lot of fun. On the other hand, there are also some Minecraft servers where in the all the players are against the environment or the world they’re playing at. It could be against the zombies, skeletons and creepers that come out in the night.

Whenever you are part of a server, you will also have access to their live chat feature which you can launch by just hitting the letter ‘T’ key. This feature is even greater if you are playing with your friends or family and not actually being together in one place. And speaking of which, you might actually want to make your own Minecraft server if you wish to have exclusive members. You can actually set your game mode to creative so that the people you know can actually help you build the place that you may want to open for public users in the future.

I really think that Minecraft is a very extraordinary gaming experience that is so versatile it caters to different moods of different people. There are so many features that could cater to your imagination and just with the right amount of time, you can create vast area of wonderful buildings and even games within a game, so cool is that? Geek or not, as long as you open your mind’s eye, you will be able to enjoy Minecraft as long as you don’t get tires smashing the cubes.

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Silly Scammers, Tricks are for Kids

Even though the original scammers that hit our store were caught, it didn’t put an end to the other morons in the group trying to continue to pull one over on us. Last night I was alone in the store and had another scammer trying to pull one over on me. I honestly didn’t think anything of him when he was waiting in line even though he was from the same ethnic group as every single person pulling this scam has been in. It was busy, I was alone and juggling 2 other customers at the same time. When I was getting something for one of the customers he interrupted me to ask if we had any PS3’s – I told him we did and he said he’d take one. Of course right there is when the red flag went up – but I didn’t say anything to him. I finished what I was doing and was interrupted twice more by other customers while he nervously waited for me.

Having no more excuses and reasons to delay myself I headed to the back and grabbed a PS3. While I was ringing it up he asked if he could return it to any of my companies stores. I said he couldn’t return it for cash but if there was something wrong with it, we’d exchange it with the receipt. That was fine, I told him the amount and he handed me a credit card. I told him I had to do a voice authorization on the card and he was fine with that. It actually didn’t make him seem more nervous or annoyed or edgy – or anything really.

I went through the automated process and before I knew it I was being transferred to a live person. Of course that pretty much meant the card was fake. She verified all the information with me and then told me the card was fake and I had to keep it. So I told him and he kept asking why so I told her and she said that if he had any questions he had to call the bank, so I repeated this information. I gave him the number for the bank that was on the back of the card (which wasn’t the bank the card number actually belonged to) and he dialed them on his cell phone. The girl stayed on the phone with me the whole time he was in the store – which I was grateful for – and he only kept up the pretense of waiting for someone to answer at the bank for a few minutes. He asked for directions to the bank in our town, which I gave him. Then, with the cell phone still held to his ear he said he was going to go down there.

After he left the store I went to the window and watched what he did, still talking to the girl at whatever call center she was in. Of course he didn’t get into a car and head down to the bank at all – I never actually thought he was going to anyway. I watched him (phone still held to his ear mind you) walk across the parking lot to another store. So I had the card, he was gone and he didn’t get anything from us – yay me! Maybe now they know we won’t let them pull one over on us anymore they’ll stop bothering – somehow I doubt that.

I was told by the girl I was talking to that there was reward money for what I had done. Somehow I doubt I’ll ever see it, I’m sure the company will keep it. That really makes me angry – it’s not that I want to have the handout but it would have enabled me to do something nice for the rest of the staff, like a pizza night or a subway platter or something similar. Not to mention it was my ass on the line and it could have turned ugly had the guy wanted to get his card back from me.

I almost feel that if we don’t see that money I should just let the scammers buy whatever the fuck they want. After all, why should I care if they’re not going to care about me?

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Fight Club at E3 in 2004

Fight Club, a new fighter from the developers of the poorly received Tao Feng, is looking like quite an interesting game. I had heard of it, but since fighting games are not normally part of my milieu, I hadn’t really looked into it. While making my way through the crowd clogging the Xbox area, I came face to face with a BenQ screen showing Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in all of their fight club glory; broken teeth, shattered noses and orbits, and large, colorful contusions. As anyone who has seen Tao Feng can attest to, the character models are a good way beyond your standard 3D fighter. The station had just recently been vacated by a poor sap who had apparently tried to face the adversarial developer in the knee, which resulted in a nicely broken nose and swiftly broken arm which ended the match.

Now breaking an arm won’t end the match, that’s usually accomplished by emptying their life meter through repeatedly striking them across their body with your feet, fists, head, or by tossing them about. Usually. But we’ll get to that later.

They also treat damage in an interesting way, by way of shock damage. When you get hit, your health bar changes in two ways. The solid part of the bar drops a certain amount, but a transparent portion stays a bit more full. If you manage to not get hit for a few seconds, the transparent part slowly fills back up and your character basically ‘recovers’ from the shock of the last hit. This means that you have to push your advantage while you’ve got it, otherwise you will have to hit them more to do the same amount of damage. So the incredibly detailed character models reflect damage in a very convincing manner, but we know now that it takes more than well modeled characters and liberal blood to make a compelling game. Genuine Games is taking this game a step farther than any previous fighter has ever dreamed of.

When I first saw the trailer for the Fight Club movie, to say that I was skeptical is like saying Einstein was pretty good at mathematics. I mean, come on, how good could a movie that obviously shallow be? I went and saw it because Edward Norton is a brilliant actor and I couldn’t believe that he would make a bad movie. He didn’t. I know that you all have seen the movie, so I don’t have to tell you how good it is. That is kind of how I approached the game. Okay, so you have a fighting game based off of a movie in which fighting took a backseat to discussions about the meaning of masculinity. Sure, they are going to have over ten characters from the movie that you can use to not talk about Fight Club with, but the game is deeper than that. Games these days seem to want to push genre boundaries as much as possible, almost as if sticking to merely one gametype were as savvy as saying that you were going to merely re-release Dai-Katana, minus the textures, weapons, and sound (which, upon second thought, might improve the game). Fight Club definitely has a slash in it’s name and the suffix is probably not the one you were expecting (actually, it probably is; now RTS would have caught you off guard), Fight Club is a fighter/RPG.

The RPG aspect comes from the fact that players earn experience for how quickly and effectively they deal with their opponents, and will still gain experience even if they lose. This experience allows you to buy better stats, more moves, and to heal yourself after online fights. Wait, online fights? Why yes, you can fight online, and in a much deeper mode than currently offered by anyone else. We’ll get back to online fights in a second, there is still a bit of base gameplay that we have to cover. Levels are an incredibly important aspect of any fighting game because they allow the player to feel a sense of immersion. Once fighting games went 3D, Team Ninja took the idea of stages a step farther and introduced traversable levels, where you could kick your opponent off of a cliff and then complete the fight at the base or from the inside of a building to the outside. No one else has really tried to follow Tecmo, but Genuine Games has decided that they will pass Team Ninja and see what is on the other side.

The level I got to play took place in the parking lot outside of Lou’s Bar. After the developer was nice enough to put my head through several car windows, he backed me up against the bar window and triggered a nice little cinematic where he kicked me through the window and jumped in after me. He then proceeded to pummel my head against a pool table, the bar, and a crowd, and then kicked me through the front doors back out into the parking lot. The fight can travel all around the levels, and we still have no ideas how big they are going to make them.

So, you’ve gotten really good at beating the computer. Your character is maxed out and you feel like the game exists as merely an extension of your already over-inflated ego. Then you log online and some little punk beats the living hell out of you. Not only that, you don’t tap out in time and your character gets killed. Oops, time to start all over. The developers struggled with a way to work tapping out into the game, and I think they figured out a pretty interesting way to do it. As I said earlier, it is possible to end the match before you completely expire by tapping out since living to fight another day can be more fun than … not. It is possible to break your opponent’s limbs only once they are weak enough, which usually brings them right to the point of no return. This limb breaking is a great way to end your fight with a bit of flair and take the rest of the fight out of your opponent. If you get a limb broken during combat, you will have to visit an ER afterwards and use hard earned experience to get it healed. They also plan on implementing betting and in-game lobbies.

Altogether I was very impressed by this game. The team seems to have a lot of really great ideas and they all seem to actually make sense. The brutal, realistic combat and the great implementation of play should really elevate this title. We’ll hopefully be getting at least one interview and some other goodies, so be on the lookout for it.

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Let’s Play Minecraft for Free

Minecraft is known to be one of the best games that you can ever download from the internet because of the amazing free roaming features that it has. Along with its capability to let you create various buildings, you will surely consider it a fascinating, captivating game. It’s known to have lots of players that are actively playing right now, and is also considered as one of the top games in computers and consoles nowadays. However, this is known to be premium game that you must purchase in order to fully experience what Minecraft has to offer. Fortunately, their developers, Mojang, allowed a few free versions to circulate, which in a way is like a freemium model.

For additional information:

This free version of Minecraft is known to be a lifesaver for many gamers that wanted to play this back then and even now that there are many people that are starting to love the game. If you also want to experience this amazing single and multiplayer game where you can make buildings and take on a pixilated adventure, here are some ways for you to try it:

Search For a Website Offering the Game

One of the most simplest and basic ways to find Minecraft free is to search for it on Google, or a similar search engine. Some sites like minecraftforfreex.com offer the full version of the game, but you won’t get to play on the latest versions. Simply allow Java on your browser, grant the site permissions to download it to your computer automatically, and begin playing.

Visit Gaming Forums

There are some forums that are dedicated for gamers so that they can talk a lot of things about various games, and even tips and tricks that you can do in the game. Not just that, some members are even generous enough to provide various download links that you can use for you to play Minecraft. There are typically lots of members in the gaming forums that know Minecraft very well, and will even help you by sharing a free version of the game.

Download Torrent Files

This is guaranteed to be the best way for you to try Minecraft free because this is an uninterruptible type of download compared to direct downloads that will give you no way but to restart the download once that it fails or if you lose the internet connection. This is also known to be fast in terms of transferring files straight to your computer, because you are downloading from multiple sources, or peers. Please be advised that there are some crooks that might love to steal information from you by giving you fake downloads with viruses. So make sure that you check the reviews of the file to identify the right uploader for your own safety.

Ask a Friend

There might be someone that you know well that’s able to play Minecraft for free in their computers, and this can be a good way for you to get your file in an instant. If they want to play Minecraft with you, for sure they will lend you their installer in order for you to be able to play the game. Rest assured that the free versions of the game are known to also have their own free servers that you can try out for a customized adventure with more players that you can encounter and talk to. This is a very nice game with a simple community, but has lots of fun when it comes to game play. So be sure to grab your free version of the game before another new version comes out!

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Sigil Games Online: The Future

I find myself walking away from an unmarked building in a fairly nice business sector of San Diego with a thought running through my mind: “Attitude. Sometimes, it’s simply all about attitude.” You can spot attitude a mile away. It’s an aura. A feeling. The certain knowledge, that no matter who you are, or what you do, you will be getting your ass kicked by carrier of said attitude.

Alright, I know you’re all confused now. Let me jump back a bit and explain. A long, long while back, Brad McQuaid sent me an email about an article I wrote. That turned into me having the odd email correspondence with Cindy Bowens, the amazing Community Relations Manager for Sigil Games Online. Well as it went, us guys (as you know) went to E3 and a few of the Sigil team did as well. That was general madness, and I’m not just talking a quiet hum drum of confusion, I’m talking full on, booze, people, and seething crowds kind of madness. I vaguely remember sending an email to Cindy sometime during the week, but suffice to say, we never met up.

Now seriously, I’ll admit it, this pissed me off. I mean how many of you would’ve liked to meet up with some Sigil people during E3? Exactly what I thought, it’s something that most gamers would love to do, maybe even kill to do… kill… errrr, forget I said that.

Either way, as unfortunate as it was, it seemed that my opportunity had passed. I mean that was it, after E3 everybody gets back to work. I’d blown it, right? Maybe not. After telling Cindy that I really wish I’d met up with them at E3, I was told that if I was ever in the San Diego area…

Yes, you heard right. I was being invited to go visit the Sigil development studio. Now I’ve got a philosophy I live by, and it’s never say ‘no’ to an opportunity. So I made a decision, and that decision was to make sure that before the summer was up, I would make a trip down to San Diego before the end of summer. (Train, plane or automobile, I didn’t care. Hell I’d buy a goat and head south, if that was my only means of transportation. Baaaaaa!).

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Old-School Counter Strike

Counter Strike has been one of the most successful online first person shooters ever. . Not only has it been a runaway hit for over 6 years, but it has changed the face of multiplayer FPS. Traditionally, first person shooters only relied upon death match style multiplayer games. Where the strategy in death match games only went as far as getting as many kills as possible, while trying to avoid you own demise. While there was some variation such as capture the flag and team DM games, the replayability just wasn’t there. This was mainly attributed to the fact that the game could only go a couple of ways and, in short, was repetitive drivel. It’s debatable when the revolution of FPS multiplayer began, but it is clear that Counter Strike was one of the first, and defiantly the most successful.

It wasn’t that Counter Strike was the new game on the market, or that it was the best looking, it was just the best multiplayer game created so far for the gaming community. Strangely it wasn’t millions of dollars and hundreds of programmers that created this epic, it was actually small group of programmers living in California. Moreover, Counter Strike wasn’t created for fame and fortune, but was rather given away as a free modification for Valve’s Half Life. Unique in so many ways, Counter Strike was the first, and to my knowledge only game ever solely designed and created for multiplayer, and nothing else.

Much the way our government has failed to deliver, Counter Strike was designed and created “by the people, and for the people.” Not driven by money or fame, the counter strike team set out to create the best game they could and used the gaming communities input. The real question that developers have been asking is why is counter strike so successful? How has CS survived for 6 years on an antiquated graphics against wave after wave of blockbusters like Halo, Far Cry, and juggernaut franchises like Unreal Tournament?

In the beginning Counter Strike was a unique, it was a mixture of death match and strategy games that hadn’t been attempted. This new type of game play games brought the gaming community flocking to CS in the thousands. Even today six years after it’s initial beta release, Counter Strike still has anywhere from 100,000 – 350,000 players gaming away across the country. Initially CS was unique, but how has the game carried across 6 years with outdated graphics or serious revamping? While there isn’t any one answer, in my opinion no one has offered a game that comes close to its replayability. I myself have been a devote CS player through thick and thin, I played in the beta days, played in all levels of CAL (cyberathlete amateur league), and even still continue to play Counter Strike: Source. I’ve been a gamer all my life, and I still don’t understand how CS is still fun after 6 years. Counter Strike hasn’t even had very much in the way of new content over that time. I still play the same maps I did 6 years ago, and they’re not really all the different. All in all I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours playing dust2 and nuke, but they never seem to get old. Not to say that CS has ever disappointed me, ohhh no.

CS has been a joy for me, but it has also driven me to the brink of sanity. A glorious game that has been steadily ransacked with each ensuing update. Ever since leaving Beta 7, CS has been sliding downwards into the depths of mediocrity. Here is a small list of some noteworthy changes made to Counter Strike over the years.

Version 1.0:

  • The game leaves the beta stages, and remains in good working order, mostly.

Version 1.1:

  • Made jumping while shooting more inaccurate w/ submachine guns
  • Took out sniper crosshair when zoomed out
  • AWP leg shots now non-lethal

Version 1.3:

  • Bunny hopping removed

Version 1.4:

  • Changed so players must stand still when planting the bomb
  • Changed so players can’t move or shoot while defusing the bomb
  • Adjusted pistol accuracy while jumping (all pistols)
  • Adjusted player jumping values to minimize bunny hopping
  • Changed so the VIP can’t drop any weapons

Version 1.6: (Current)

  • Added delay to AWP scope

For those of you who don’t play CS let me summarize this list. The game has basically been sliding away from being a skilled competition to becoming a hodge pogery of prattle brained lickspittles spraying for glory. First they took away shooting while jumping, mainly because most players were getting slaughtered by it and complained. While this does make the game more realistic it’s not nearly as fun, and while we’re at it when did realism mean a game was better or more fun? You want realism go join the army and go to Iraq. Until then deal with the fact that games are meant to be fun, not necessarily realistic. Next they crippled the sniper rifles by making the non lethal shot. This would be ok, if Valve had actually fixed the hit boxes. In 1.1 you could crouch and the hit boxes from your legs would envelope most of your body and part of your head (depending on the angle). Next they removed the ability to jump in secession. This was akin to adding stamina to a game, where you could only jump once without losing speed. The nail in the coffin was 1.4, where they crippled the accuracy of pistols and rifles demolished your ability to jump and pretty much created a game where mediocrity reigned supreme.

Next, Valve created CS: Source, a new and updated version of Counter Strike based on the HL2 engine. While more or less another rendition of 1.6, there are several more changes that were added to just suck the fun out of CS. It has a better looking graphics engine, but that’s about all it has. Aside from changing the feel of the game, Valve added an upgraded physics system to all the objects in the game. This is not a bad idea, but it has significant bugs. Maybe it’s just me, but a tire or a bucket shouldn’t hinder a player from walking. All in all, ever since Valve took over Counter Strike development from its original creators it has been sliding slowly downhill. I’m not really sure why I still play the game, but it’s at least better than most multiplayer games out there. Perhaps that’s the only glimmer of truth I’ve found in Counter Strike, while it isn’t what it once was, there is still no other game to hit the market that even comes close to competing with it for the multiplayer FPS crown. Love what it was, or hate what it’s become, either way it’s still the best online fun around.

CS:GO is the newest version, but I haven’t even gotten around playing it yet. It looks like it invested a lot into the graphics and less into balancing and gameplay.

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C’thun Down

So uh, they fixed the C’thun encounter during the US downtime when the EU guilds still had a cleared instance. That was amazingly brilliant timing by them! Anyways, C’thun down. Screenshots etc.

C’Thun died at ~22:30 CET – Tuesday 25-04-2006

By the hand of Nihilum, a Horde guild from Magtheridon Europe, the God C’Thun, main boss of Ahn’Quiraj was slayed.


Unbelievably crazy, but check this out.

Ragnaros was first killed a Year ago to the day that C’thun was first killed.
Kill Order

Nihilum (Horde)
Magtheridon Europe
C’Thun died at ~22:30 CET – Tuesday 25-04-2006

Archimonde Europe
23:10 GMT

Stormreaver – US
2:36AM EST

The rewards for the Eye of C’thun are as follows:

Amulet of the Fallen God
Binds when picked up
+11 Stamina
Requires Level 60
Equip: Increases healing done by spells and effects by up to 57.
Equip: Restores 6 mana per 5 sec.

Ring of the Fallen God
Binds when picked up
+5 Stamina
+6 Intellect
Requires Level 60
Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 37.
Equip: Improves your chance to hit with spells by 1%.

Cloak of the Fallen God
Binds when picked up
66 Armor
+11 Strength
+26 Agility
+15 Stamina
Requires Level 60

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